About us

Magia da Bahia Food Industry Ltd. operates in the business of production and commercialization of candies like Cocadinha da Bahia (Coconut Candy) and Bananada da Bahia (Banana Candy). Our Company is always concerned with the quality of its products as well as with respecting its customers.

Magia da Bahia is a Brasilian company active since 2001, a curent lider in the market segment.

Sobre a empresa / Cocadinha da BahiaBorn from the desire to bring flavor and quality through their products with results integrated in the economical, social and cultural dimension. During the years, we pursue excelence and quality in our processes and operations with total commitment to our clients, consumers and cowerkers for a gradual and sustainable growth.

Through constant investments in the expansion of facilities, in new technologies and professional training, Magia da Bahia is perfect for both the domestic and international market (exporting to Japan, Portugal and Spain).

Sobre a empresa / Cocadinha da Bahia-1Located in the city of Feira de Santana, state of Bahia, Brazil, our industry has distinguished itself in the market for being an innovative company. Always seeking to expand its business horizons, the company has strategically increased its production to cater to the biggest supermarket chains, distributors, and hotels in Brazil.